Rafflemania Monday

The Rafflemania Race for Monday Jan. 2nd 5PM

Where the Winner will recieve

1x Blentendo Plug Hunt 2XL Hoodie

1x Blentendo Plug Hunt Rolling Tray

1x Blentendo Legend of ZaZa T-shirt

Plus a Free Gift Courtesy of @RealMrWakenBake

Retail Value $120

10 Spots on the race board

9 Spots Remaining

Entry fee is $15 Per Spot(Pay for as Many Spots as you Like! We'll Add your name each time you purchase a Spot!)

Payments are made to $PremiumBlendBrand through CashApp

When the List is Full it Will be posted on our Instagram Page @PremiumBlendBrand So make sure you turn them Notifications On!

No one has to be in live to win. Simply purchase for your entry(ies) and PROVIDE YOUR INSTAGRAM NAME so that it may be used as your Entry. 


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