$2 Tumbler Tuesdays

By todays standards $2 Bucks won't get you much. Not even a meal for that matter because theyll still hit you with tax on the back end. We here at Premium Blend brand know that being able to get something you really want for a little bit of money is a rarity. 


So to do something about it we Came Up with $2 Tumbler Tuesdays. With a Wide variety of Tumblers you could literally spend $2 Bucks a Month and win a New Tumbler!

How's it work?

All raffles are hosted in a Race Format and will have a time limit of Four Mins and Twenty Seconds after which whomever crosses the Finish line 1ST the winner will be notified and the race will be posted for all to see afterwards as proof. 

Entry fee is $2 Per Spot(Pay for as Many Spots as you Like! We'll Add your name each time you purchase a Spot!)

Payments are made to $PremiumBlendBrand through CashApp

When the List is Full it Will be posted on our Instagram Page @PremiumBlendBrand So make sure you turn them Notifications On!

No one has to be in live to win. Simply purchase for your entry(ies) and PROVIDE YOUR INSTAGRAM NAME so that it may be used as your Entry. 

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