About Us

The Art of Misdirection

We've live in a world based off of it. We see it everyday, at work, out in the world, be it on television or in movies, you can bet your bottom dollar you've been misdirected at some point or another in your life.


My Question is: Why not have fun with it? That's where we come in. We take things from your normal surroundings and make you do a double take.


With all the negativity going on in the world the least we can do is make fun of those who use Misdirection to profit off us.


Our Goal

Is to Create a diverse platform through intense conversations as to why cannabis became illegal from a racial standpoint.



While Cannabis is consumed by equally by all, People of Color face Harsher jail sentencing all based off the color of their.


Even if Cannabis is the ONLY offense We Have, We Still face stricter enforcement.


We've been fighting this insanity for far too long! 85 YEARS to be Exact! Its time we have some fun at the expense of the people and corporations that have made of suffer while they benefit!