The Barking Man Pt.1 Written By La Muerte Negra

So back in 2019 when I moved into my apartments, there was/is this homeless man who I would see all the time walking up and down the block. Normally when he would see me he wouldn't be hostile or anything towards me, so I'd always say hi to him and attempt to give him snacks.

He moved around pretty often during the day and night. After the first month or so of being there, I tried to give him some snacky snacks cause it was hot as fuck and dude was HOMELESS, homeless. Like, he lost his shoes some years ago and spent so much time walking barefoot his feet hardened and had a thick under layer.

Hella people gave him shoes, clothes, toiletries etc and they always disappeared. Anywho, it was fucking hot so I wanted to be nice and get him some snacky snacks cause he looked hungry. So I got him a few snacks and drinks and went to give them to him. Super simple right? WRONG.

Homie legit got P I S S E D and said, word for word, "I'm gonna chop off your head and fuck the hole." I was like, "Aight, bet." And turned my happy black ass the fuck around and went home with the snacks. Side note: I call homie the Barking Man cause he legit sounds like he's barking 24/7. As long as I hear the barking, I know how close he is.

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